Red Theather Balcony

When planning a multiple day trip, there is always one stop you look forward to the most. This trip again. At the same time we did not look forward to finding our way into this place. Namely, it’s quite the challenge to get in. Nonetheless, we had to, after all the effort we had put in to get there. So, there we went, through small holes and over high walls, headed straight to our goal.

And there you are then, staring at the prize. The only thing between us is a 4 meter descent. Nothing is going to stop us now. Safety first, so first we made sure to secure our climbing gear. Ready to descend and go for the adventure.

Everything went well, we were on the stage, a place where you do not want to stand for too long though. There were just a few bars standing on which we could maneuver. When you look up, you could see why. There was not much left of the ceiling. Bars which were still standing were just hanging by a thread, right above your head. Quickly get this shot and run of the stage, was the only thing I could think of.

This photo reportage contains photos from several years.

Through the roof

This poem was written by Max van Spaendonk, 2020

The curtains open
4000 individual eyes look right at you
Adrenaline starts to pump through the body
Palms get nice and sweaty
Heart rate goes up

As the spotlight approaches
The blinding lights fade the crowd
The mind calms
And my breath is like an ocean wind
Flowing like the tide

First sentence
Stay focused on the lines
Each word is spoken with the delicacy of a Swiss watchmaker
And as they dance into the crowd’s ears
The floor starts to tremble

An aura of ecstasy fills the room
The curtain call
People applaud
I can still hear them
Far away

As I reminisce
I look through the open roof
I see the sky and the stars
And smile back at them
End scene

I was lucky enough to visit the Theather Balconi twice. Last time when I went on stage and looked up I noticed the roof was already badly damaged. The wooden beams above me swung happily back and forth in the wind. More than two years later the roof collapsed onto the stage.

Galleria Loggione / Platea palchi
an attempt to keep it together with a rope

Last year some renovation work was carried out. Wouldn’t it be nice if I go there for the third time and there would be musical sounds coming from this building.

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