Les Thermes Extraordinary

In 2018, I had the pleasure to visit one of the most beautiful abandoned Thermae Bath Spa that was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Europe has a rich history of a long and colorful spa tradition. Even the Romans visited hot springs and thermal baths for healing therapy. It’s not only relaxing but also good for the body because of the minerals which prevent and treat skin diseases, respiratory problems and rheumatic conditions. Throughout history many emperors, kings, artists, poets, politicians from all classes of civilization visited the most beautiful hot springs in Europe.

If you look at the entrance hall, you wouldn’t think this pearl was abandoned. What is extraordinary are the pillars and the rooftop lined with mosaic decorations from the Romans old building art. What I also noticed that man and female were separated. The building has 2 floors. On every floor you can find tens of rooms for changing or treatment. On the first floor there was a lot of damage because of the warm water spring that lies under the building. Because of the moist climate the building was affected. It also seems that there was some kind of flood. In the beginning of the 21h century the spa was closed because of the high cost in maintenance. After tens of years in desolation there are plans to make it a 4-star hotel, with swimming pool, baths and restaurant. The beauty of it all is that the building remains.

A shower room decorated with tiles

The round design lamps were everywhere on the first floor

a treatment room for a massage /
Ascenseur means Elevator

Door decorated with colorful glass and lead

Courtyard with a small fountain

Bains de siege means seat baths

Beautiful view of the reception hall

Entrance hall – across the the entrance hall was the women’s section

Treatment room

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