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Hidden in the depths of the dense forest, we went looking for a magnificent 19th-century hydro power plant.It started to get dark already so we needed to hurry up. The only thing I knew is…
Posted on 28 November 2020
If you would ask me right now which of the locations that I have visited is in my top 5, I would definitely start talking about this location, which has been on my wish list…
Posted on 13 November 2020
This is a location where you will definitely experience the Halloween vibe, long dark corridors, dark rooms, bring quite a scary atmosphere. And then the famous surgery room, a few years ago I found a…
Posted on 31 October 2020
Nearby the center of a large city, lies a historic noble residence that has been built over 400 years ago. What stands out immediately are the columns and arches. Upon entry, a beautiful staircase with…
Posted on 11 September 2020
Do you know the feeling of disappointment when you are really excited about a destination, but once you arrived it wasn’t worth it after all and in the end you just feel really disappointed? I…
Posted on 28 August 2020
Photographing this beautiful abandoned casino is something that has been on my bucket list for a while now. I was actually late, I found out as I entered the building. The renovation has started and…
Posted on 12 June 2020
Definitely the most impressive abandoned bathhouse I’ve ever entered. Actually, I’ve visited the location three times in 24 hours. This because the first time somebody told us to leave. The second time the sun was…
Posted on 24 April 2020
Urbex piscine This episode will tell you a story about a forgotten spa we visited in 2018. We were surprised by the state it was in. After multiple decades of abandonment, it was pretty decayed…
Posted on 30 March 2020
The oldest Soviet cable car line This episode will tell you the story of a small mining village were old Soviet cable cars have been the main transport up en down the hill for decades.…
Posted on 30 March 2020
The Unspeakable World In the past year, I’ve visited many incredible urban locations with my friends all around the world. Remote and forgotten sites with incredible decay and rich history. In 2020 we start releasing…
Posted on 28 March 2020

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