Giungla di Cemento

Ooh, how I remember looking forward to visiting this place. When I found this location, I was happy like a child. One thing was certain, we are going to visit it! However, the Corona situation spoiled the party and had us waiting months until we were finally able to visit this place, hoping it would the still intact.

In the last years I started to notice that locations deteriorate quicker and quicker. Locations are not treated well which causes them to be hermetically sealed or they are set on fire. Sometimes I worry about how I can keep up with my addiction to Urban Exploring . But let’s go back to my journey!!

This historical castle from the 17th-century has a long history and has known many great years. Unfortunately, the castle has been abandoned for years and fires have destroyed most of the castle. As a result, parts of the castle started to collapse and whatever was of value was stolen. In short, the castle did not withstand the test of time.

In the 15th century, there was a fortress built on the location of the castle that played an important role in protecting and controlling the area. Moreover, archeological diggings show that this area was also important in the Roman era. Just at the end of the 16th century, it was decided that the owners of the land would build houses around the fortress for their descendants, which is the start of the history of this castle.

During those times, it was normal to work for protection in case of a war which is why to inhabitants of the village constructed and maintained to houses on the property. The main building consisted of three floors which are connected by a stone staircase. The land was used for agriculture and was so profitable that the family decided to ask famous Italian artists to paint frescos on the wall.
The castle has had various owners who all spent a large amount of time living in the castle.
The last owners were very active in agriculture which gave them enough wealth to buy the surrounding land. These were great years. Around the 30’s things turned around. The was a recession on the way and the family started to feel this. Many people lost their jobs and local companies had to close. The biggest hit however, was during WWII. Because the owners of the castle were jewish, many rights were taken from them in addition to their possessions. This was the start of the family’s separation as well as the decay of the castle.

In the 60’s, the castle got new owners. The plan was to turn the castle into a club in collaboration with local entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the castle caught fire during the renovation. This was not the only bad thing to happen, a little later, the owner committed suicide inside the castle which caused the family to distance themselves from the castle and sold it for a bargain, which solely covered the value of the ground.

In the years to come, there were some investors with great plans for the castle but since the castle deteriorated so much, the costs of doing this were simply too high. Until today, the castle is totally abandoned. Mother nature has made the house uninhabitable and has become the self-acclaimed owner of this estate. The roof tiles are replaced by trees, and the walls are covered by ivy plants.

It seems that no matter how hard us humans try to create something, nature always finds a way to take it all back . And sometimes all that’s left is to take a step back and admire this unstoppable force at work.

If only you could see

If only you could see
All that I’ve been through
As spiralling vines flourish on the wounds of the past
My walls begin to crumble

Yet as I fall
I feel the earth’s grip on my toes
Holding me, a divine whisper in my ear
Sound as pure as a virgin in white

Like the engine of my soul changes gears
It picks me up
We fall in love, dance and blend
After all we’ve seen together

If you could only see
Her green heart beating for me

As a tribute to this location, Max van Spaendonk wrote a poem

The staircase could be seen as the great
eye-catcher to me. The tree started growing, reaching the first floor. Happy as a child I was, being able to take a shot of mother nature’s miracle. This location has definitely conquered a place in my heart!

Title: Things perfected by nature are better than those finished by art Available in my webshop

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