I offer limited edition artworks of my photos for an affordable price.

Those artworks are specially made for you to enjoy!

I can offer this on different materials such as
Epoxy, Dibond, Acrylic glass, Glass print, Fine- Art print.


Worldwide delivery available.



Baksteen Artwork blends in perfectly with modern, classic and industrial interior design. By combining the original and high-quality Baksteen prints with the expertise of Fine-Art Print. These photographs will create a total different atmosphere.

The Process

I can print my photos for you upon request. This doesn’t mean that I just sent the photos to the printing office and am not involved with the print process of my photos. I think alot about the materials that I use and choose and I am in close contact with the printing office to make sure I deliver perfection to your doorstep. I only work together with printing offices that understand their work and have more than over 30 year of experience in their field. I only deliver photo pieces that I am 100% satisfied about. I distinct myself with the fact that I deliver qualitatively work, not quantative work read more
The Process

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