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Do you know the feeling of disappointment when you are really excited about a destination, but once you arrived it wasn’t worth it after all and in the end you just feel really disappointed?

I constantly had this feeling with this particular location. It’s not that the location wasn’t beautiful but it definitely had seen better days. Unfortunately the door to this beautiful landscape had been left open for too long. Everywhere I walked I found graffiti that ruined the beautiful atmosphere. There wasn’t an entrance that was easily accessible, since they had all been closed for some time. It was already getting late when I finally found an entrance and I only had one hour left to take some photos’s before it was dark. So I entered the building quickly and snapped some photos with my new Sony 12-24mm G Lens, which I specially bought for this beautiful location.

By editing the photo I did my best to give you guys an impression of how the location looked like before it was ruined with all the

A well-known Dutch proverb is:

Gekken en dwazen schrijven hun namen op muren en glazen.

Finally I was able to photograph the beautiful staircase!

Slide to the left or slide to the Right

This former psychiatric hospital was built in the late 1800s. The hospital was designed to house 700 patients and in the course of time has treated more than 1,500 people. Therefore, a new section was added in the 30’s.

On May 13, 1978, the hospitals had to implement the Basaglia law. The law marked a major reform of the psychiatric care system in Italy. Due to this law psyhiatric hospitals in the “boot” of Italy had to close up. This former hospital was closed at the end of 1999.

Since that time there has been a struggle as to what to do with the buildings. Decay and destruction have been the fate of recent years. But the good news is that there is a very advanced plan to revive it.

Beautiful how the light started to come in

Hospital Staircase

You could see the shape of the windows combing back everywhere in the building

Picture outside

Rustic doors

Peeling paint on old wooden doors

Dark corridors where you can get lost in

The sun was almost set

On the way out I heard all kinds of strange noises above me. I looked around, I looked up. It was then I realized I was face to face with 2 angry owls! So I quickly took my picture and went, before they would see me as prey.

The owls sit at the top of the window

A picture tells a thousand words :

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