Powerplant K

If you would ask me right now which of the locations that I have visited is in my top 5, I would definitely start talking about this location, which has been on my wish list for years now.

This has not only been the most beautiful but also most exciting location that I have ever visited. Just after last year’s Christmas I told my Urbex buddy that we should go for it. An hour later, our flights were booked and a few days later we started on our adventure. The highlight of this trip kept me awake for nights. Questions like what we should do if our plan wouldn’t work out went buzzing through my head. Despite the risks, it didn’t stop us from visiting one of the most beautiful abandoned power plants of Europe. Some things, you just have to see with your own eyes.

The power plant was built in the early 1900s and was one of the most advanced plants in all of Europe. Nonetheless, is will most-likely be remembered by its crafty art-Deco structure and its technological wonders.

Designed and built by a couple of architects, who clearly had high demands for the appearance of the building despite its industrial purpose.

Let’s go downstairs

The power plant has survived WWII without a scratch. The roof of the building would have been an easy target to shut down the plant. Nevertheless, this never happened.

The tiny building was designed to serve as a bomb shelter for the control room staff to hide from possible air raids during World War II. 

Because the plant is still guarded heavily, the 100-year-old turbines and machinery is still intact.

What is great is to see is how the control room with its infinite dials and buttons are still there. The centerpiece of the factory is a large glass art-Deco ceiling in the control room. Something that you wouldn’t expect for such an industrial building.

The power plant supplied the capital city with power until the early 2000s and luckily, is still protected by the law to prevent it from being demolished

Old transformator

a long corridor with power transformers

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