Hydro plant 18

Hidden in the depths of the dense forest, we went looking for a magnificent 19th-century hydro power plant.It started to get dark already so we needed to hurry up.

The only thing I knew is that we had to get close to water so we started
following our ears

when suddenly I saw something in the distance. It were the remnants of the power plant and from the outside it already looked marvelous.

Once we got into the machine room I got transported to the times when these were still running.

The complex of various buildings was built downstream nearby various water sources. The sources served as the fresh water supply for the city.

Later the power plant was built to supply the city with electricity and could produce 49.000 watts worth of power.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the power plant supported the first electrical lighting system for the nearby theater

in addition, many industrial companies profited from this which was a new impuls for the productivity of the city.

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