Nearby the center of a large city, lies a historic noble residence that has been built over 400 years ago. What stands out immediately are the columns and arches. Upon entry, a beautiful staircase with decorated ceilings leads to the central room. This room is beautifully decorated and has a beautiful fireplace. The ceiling boasts a beautiful skylight which makes the atmosphere even more magical.

This villa was built in the period that this city was suffering from a large plague which has killed 8.000 of the 25.000 inhabitants.

Around 1630, a politician bought the premises and constructed his own house. He was not able to enjoy his new luxurious palace for long as he died in this house fifteen years later. His cousin inherited the villa and died in 1670.

Until today there is not much news about the people who lived there afterwards. In the years after, the villa continuously changed owners.

Because of the various architectural styles present in the villa, one can see that a lot of changes have been made to the villa. Famous architects have done work in this villa, the last change would have been made in the beginning of the 1900s.

Currently, there is no precise information about the current owner. Some think it’s owned by the municipality others claim it’s still private property.

The villa was even used as décor for a scene in Third Mother.

The villa has also been used for the movie La terza madre / Mother of Tears

In my opinion, it is definitely one of the most beautiful abandoned villas of Italy, a villa like this deserves a better ending than this.

Unfortunately, the more time passes, the more this beautiful property will go into decay.

A glimpse of the villa hidden on a hill – Made with Dji Mavic Air 2 drone
An impressive staircase in disrepair
Real craftsmanship so many details
I can stay here for hours
A look inside
The sun is starting to set
Beautifully decorated central room with a fireplace
In the past there must have been a lot of joy around the big fireplace
Impressive balcony view 
A photo of the outside of the villa with my drone
Beautifully decorated central room with a fireplace
The hardwood floor start to rot from the water leaks.
I cant wait to come back again

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