Church of the Good SHEPHERD

The remains of this old villa and church are located in the middle of a large city. The villa was built by a noble family in the mid of the seventeenth century. This villa originally had an H-shaped construction and which made it stood out from the other villas in this region.The villa was sold on to several families and eventually got in the hands of the Good Shepherd Institute, which entrusted it to the religious sister named Maria, who founded an Institute to help and support young women without families. The part where the villa used to be was renovated to accommodate the girls who were in trouble or without families.

Above the church were the nuns’ quarters. The Institute cooperated with various local authorities, some girls were entrusted to families pending adoption, the elderly were taken into the world of work. Part of the park, which had remained undeveloped for years, was used as a vegetable garden.

Nowadays the building is inhabited by homeless people, and over the years there have been frequent fires. After years of decay and downfall, something good is finally going to happen again with this historic building and it’s surroundings.The plan is to place 300 apartments in the old buildings and to convert the church into a new shopping center.

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