Casino Royale

Photographing this beautiful abandoned casino is something that has been on my bucket list for a while now. I was actually late, I found out as I entered the building. The renovation has started and a fence surrounds the premises along with 24/7 security. In front of the casino there was a big market, as a result of this I could not make my envisioned outside shot. Once inside I could catch a glimpse of all its beauty. This felt like winning the jackpot with this impressive image as its result.

The casino was built in the early 20th century in the Art Nouveau style, located on the shore of the Black Sea.Until WWII, Casino Royale became a major attraction for European royalty and the elite-class.In the early 1900s the casino even hosted a royal gala for the Russian Imperial Family.During WWI and WWII the casino has been used as a hospital for the wounded. After years of immense success, the casino went into decay. Restorations did not occur and the casino had to close shop in the ‘90s.Fortunately, the casino made it to the list of historic monuments due to its exceptional architectural and historical value. In 2019 renovations have started and will take over 2.5 years with an estimated cost of €23.5 million. I hope most of the old features of the building will be restored and that, when it is done, I can visit this casino once again. 

 Status: In Renovation


The big impressive architecture Casino Royal

Main entrance with big stair

Room with sea view

Abandoned grandeur Stair

Grandeur staircase with beautiful big Chandelier

I love the decay and the windows

A great view through the open doors

Sea-shell shaped window and chandeliers are breathtaking to behold.

Beautiful Sea-shell shaped window

View from stage

It was fantastic to walk around here

A nice window in a hidden room

Casino Royale Abandoned Seaside Art Nouveau

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