Abandoned Bath house

Definitely the most impressive abandoned bathhouse I’ve ever entered. Actually, I’ve visited the location three times in 24 hours. This because the first time somebody told us to leave. The second time the sun was too bright. The third time I finally succeeded. It took me a lot of effort, but all worth it of course. 

The building itself was built in the late 19th-century with around 30 individual private cabins and 2 large pools built of red marble. Designed by a Hungarian architect for the Austrian Emperor who after his visit noted that the town is “the most beautiful resort on the continent”. His wife; the queen wrote down in her diary that the “Baths are a distinct and delightful presence”.

Sadly, at the end of the 20th-century,  the buildings got neglected and have been decaying ever since. Luckily, A group of young people fell in love with the historical beauty and started a project in fight for the preservation and restoration of the health resort. Lucky to see that many  people have supported the project and the renovations within the town started.

 Status: In Renovation


The beautiful Exterior

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside

The bridge was no longer safe enough to pass

Wondering how it looked inside?

The beautiful Reception Hall has amazing colors, and in the middle of the room a real eye catcher the ceramic fountain.

left or right?

Let’s explore the right side…

Blue hallway

So beautiful

White hall

At the end of the hall you find the Biggest bath

Let’s go inside

The big bath

Let’s go back to the Reception Hall and explore the other side

The roof of the buildings slowly collapse.

When you walk into the room

The pink hall impressed me the most …sorry for the picture spam 

The Nature Will Always Find A PATH

Private Cabins

Allot of decay

Shared dressing room

The second big bath

Beautiful colors


View from above

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