The End Station – Красная звезда

Holding their ground like true war heroes and completely frozen for the last 40 years, these relics of time tell a story which deserves to be heard.

The train graveyard is home to the MAV 301 series locomotive that was the best performing train from 1911 to 1914. Currently there are only two of these left in the entire world.

There are more  trains or cars that rot away in this graveyard, some inside the warehouses, others on the plains. 

Attached to the locomotive are several German freight cars, which were used to transport thousands Jews to their death in Auswitz-Birkenau during the Shoah.

Looking at these freight cars, one can only imagine the horror, pain and despair that went on inside of them. 

There more recent items in the graveyard are from the Soviet era. In some wagons train tickets from the 1960s can still be found.

Nature is slowly consuming these vehicles and in a few years the will be fully overgrown by plants.

The same wheels when building the train

The train yard from the photograph is still in use although the largest part is abandoned.  

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The End Station – Красная звезда


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